HMG Clothing is a military lifestyle brand owned and operated by British veterans. While our clothing designs aim to reflect sentiments of combat, we exist to ensure that the sacrifices of those before our time are never forgotten.

As a UK Veteran owned brand we provide premium quality apparel for Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Squadies, Bootnecks, Operators, Veterans, Stoics and those who seek to ensure the sacrifices made before our time are never forgotten...


Born from Combat

"Having been deployed for a year on operations over back-to-back tours - as well as the experiences from previous operational tours - I was finding myself increasingly detached from modern day society. I found myself spending increasing amounts of time reading up on the experiences of other combat veterans - particularly from WW1 - when one day I came across an advertisement for an American Veteran Owned Apparel Company. I had never seen any clothing like it before and loved the idea, however (at the time) there were no British brands so eventually decided to start my own. What started as a hobby quickly grew into a full time business that I had to juggle alongside my military career".

Richie - Founder of HMG Clothing