With HMG running for almost 4 years, I thought now would be a good time give you a quick look into who’s behind the brand.

Being “Veteran Owned”, it seems fitting to first address the question of my military career, which started January ‘08 and led to 12 years of service: 3 years in the Royal Marines and 9 years in the SBS, ending with Medical Discharge in January ‘21. Above are a couple of snaps from my career; from a 19-year-old piss wrapped recruit questioning my life choices, to a SF Operator being chucked out the back of a C-130 – still questioning my life choices. Having always wanted to soldier from a young age it was the privilege of a lifetime to serve in both the Royal Marines and the SBS, the experiences of which have shaped this company, with the first 3 years of its existence running secondary to my career in Special Forces.

Initially there was no real plan, I just wanted to create a brand that reflected the harsh sentiments of combat and looked at remembrance through the eyes of those who entered the arena of armed conflict. I found a designer; used money saved from Ops to get some T-shirts printed; set up a website and social media with the help of my Fiancée and friends; and under threat of violence, persuaded my dad to dispatch orders when I was away.

Much of the time however is taken up in the research and writing of the obscene acts of bravery carried out by those before us and finding the first-hand accounts that vividly describe the horror and misery war can bring, with a strong focus around WW1. I believe it is imperative that these voices of those who endured war in all its misery, on a scale impossible to comprehend, are always kept as the forefront of remembrance. To ignore the voices of those who fought is to forget, and if we forget wars where hundreds of thousands of young men died in single battles, what does that inadvertently say to the serving personnel and veterans of today?

To finish off I would like to give thanks to all who have followed and supported along the way; from Royal Marines to Royal Irish to veterans to civilians who like skulls and remembrance - it’s been a pleasure.