Aubrey Cosens - VC

Aubrey Cosens - VC
February 26th, 1945, Mooshof, Germany. B and D Coys of The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada are taking heavy casualties whilst assaulting German strongholds.⁠

Sergeant Aubrey Cosens, now in command of the only 4 survivors of his Platoon, wastes no time in taking the fight back to the Germans. Placing his 4 men in positions to provide him covering fire. Sgt. Cosens then sprints towards a nearby tank, and taking a completely exposed position on the turret, directs fire against a German counter attack, eventually repelling it. Not content with his efforts so far, he then orders the tank to ram the nearby farm building the Germans were regrouping in. He made entry alone and killed 22 of the defenders, taking the rest prisoner.⁠

The 23 year old Canadian then proceeded to clear 2 more farm buildings of all enemy before he was finally shot and killed by a sniper.⁠

For his actions he was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross.⁠

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