Gian Singh - VC

Gian Singh - VC
It’s the 2nd of March 1945, and quite typically the Japanese are using cactuses for cover, which didn’t sit right with 24 year old Corporal (Naik) Gian Singh.

Having slowly advanced under heavy fire towards a village in Myingyan, Burma, a platoon from the 15th Punjab Regiment are fired upon from well concealed Japanese positions within a row of cactus hedges. Gian Singh, who is Corporal of the lead section is quick to identify the issue and acts accordingly. Ordering his light machine gunner to lay down covering fire, he rushed the 20 yards of open ground alone to dislodge these cactus-loving mother-fuckers. He was instantly met with a hail of gun fire, and despite being shot in the arm he cracked on, hurling grenades and firing his tommy gun, killing all Japanese, including 4 in the main gun pit.

By now a group of tanks had come up to support, however they were coming under fire from a well concealed anti-tank position. Yet again, Gian assaulted the position alone, killing all occupants and capturing the gun single-handed. By now the rest of his section had caught up with him and it was time to clear one last row of Cactuses hedges of their Japanese occupants, with Gian yet again leading the way.

By the end of this phase of the assault around 20 Japanese bodies could be counted, most by the hands of Cpl Gian Singh. Despite his injuries, Gian refused to retire to the Regimental aid post and chose to stay leading his section until the action was complete.

For his actions Gian Singh of the 15th Punjab Regiment, Indian Army, was awarded the Victoria Cross.

Refusing to leave the Army Gian would go on to fight in the Sino-Indian War of ‘62, and also the Indo-Pakistani war of ’65. He died in 1996, at the ripe old age of 76.

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