Bhanbhagta Gurung - VC

Bhanbhagta Gurung - VC
This happy chap is none other than Bhanbhagta Gurung, a rifleman from the 3rd battalion, 2nd Gurkha Rifles. We can only assume he is so happy because he was in possession of an extremely large set of steel balls, and here’s why…

March 5th 1945 at Snowdon-East, near Tamandu, Burma, Gurung and his unit are pinned down by sniper fire, and taking heavy casualties. Unable to engage from the prone position Gurung stands up, fully exposed to the incoming fire, and dispatches the Japanese sniper, allowing his unit to continue the advance.⁠

His unit advances, and again, Gurung and his section come under fire from dug in positions. Without waiting for any orders Gurung charges towards the first enemy foxhole, killing all enemy inside with grenades. Without hesitation he then charges a second enemy foxhole and kills two more enemy with his bayonet... he then proceeds to take out a 3rd and 4th foxhole with grenades and his bayonet.⁠

During his single handed assault on these four enemy foxholes Gurung was subjected to continuous machine gun fire from a bunker at the northern tip of their objective. For the fifth time he went forward alone to take out the position. With no hand grenades left he throws 2 smoke grenades through the bunker slit, and kills all three Japanese occupants of the bunker with his kukri.⁠

If that wasn’t enough he then commanded a small party to repel the ensuing Japanese counter attack, inflicting heavy enemy casualties.⁠

As a result Gurungs regiment earned a battle honor as a result of the engagement, and Gurung himself was awarded the Victoria Cross.⁠

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